Hi! My name is Ray Kung!

    My journey at The University of Rhode Island began on a rainy day while touring the campus as a prospective student. Coming full circle, I've had the opportunity to work at my alma mater, which has been like working from home. As an undergraduate, I was extremely involved with all things URI, but it wasn't until I became a campus tour guide and later as an admission intern that I discovered a passion for higher education. During this time, I developed an even stronger desire to help students navigate the college admission process.

    As you prepare to make one of the biggest decisions of your life, you'll likely have questions and concerns, which may cause anxiety. I look forward to helping you answer those questions and make your admission experience as seamless and engaging as possible.

    Favorite place on campus: The middle of the Quad on a busy day!
    Best URI food: Create your own stir fry or pasta dishes!
    Favorite thing about URI: Our campus and community.
    Advice for new students: Take a leap into something unfamiliar...you might be happily surprised at what you find.

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