Hi! My name is Anabelle!

    I began my admission journey here at URI in September of 2023. Prior to joining the admission team, I was a URI student! This University has been a second home to me for quite some time, with my first visit to campus on Homecoming Weekend in October 2000 (when I was only 2 weeks old). I spent a lot of my time at URI in the Student Senate, representing and recruiting all kinds of students, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do the same as an Admission Counselor. College always seemed like a such a scary transition to me, and I want to tell those students like me that it’s actually pretty awesome.  

    Favorite place on campus: The library—there’s actually so much to do there! Check it out!
    Best URI food: International Zone in the Emporium, a campus favorite.
    Favorite thing about URI: The campus, especially in the fall.
    Advice for new students: Join something! Anything! The transition to college can sometimes be challenging, and it’s important to find a place to establish a community of support.

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